Local Stock Will Call

Need your material right away? Stop in one of our local stores to shop conveniently when you're in the area. With National support and buying power, we have everything you need to build a solar system, from the roof to the grid.

Need your material, but you're not in town just yet? Order your material over the phone/via email, and pick it up at your convenience.


Local Jobsite Delivery

Planning ahead? Order your material over the phone/via email, and we'll drop it off at the job site. All-in- one job packages make you more efficient, so you do not have to worry about having the necessary parts for the job.


State-Wide Delivery

Got a job out of town? Greentech will work with its chain of partners to provide local delivery service, even if you are working away from you standard territories.


Logistical Support

Let us be your warehouse and drivers. Order your material as you need it, and we'll deliver it where it's being installed. Save on the cost of warehousing, transporting, and caring for your material.


Project Management

From Quote to Completion, with our product knowledge and logistical expertise, we can help handle projects both large and small. Let CED Greentech team of project managers make sure your projects go off without a hitch.



Want to learn about the latest in our industry? We host training events for our manufacturers and industry experts to teach you about all the newest products and changes in our industry. In our constantly changing industry, staying up-to- date is a must in order to be competitive. Ask when the next training event is taking place.